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Shahrouz Falahatpishe



Last Updated: February 2002


ADDRESS             Office:   Computer Servises and Information Center,

                                               Islamic Culture and Relations Organization

                                              (ICRO), Imam Khomaini Complex,

                                              Resalat High Way, Tehran- PO. Box 16315-958

                                              Phone: (21) 8153436

                                              Fax: (21) 8153362




PERSONAL          Born August 3, 1971. Tehran, ID#3660


EDUCATION        1999    M.A. Sociology,     Shahid Beheshti University

                           1994    B.A. Sociology,      Shahid Beheshti University


CERTIFICATE       1997    Intermediate Level in German Language,  Austria

                                      Cultural Office Tehran.

                           1988    English Language Diploma,    National Institute of

                                      English Tehran.



2001- present        Chief, Internal Network (Intranet) Group, Computer

                             Services and Information Center, Department of 

                              Research and Education, Islamic Culture and

                              Relations Organization.

1994-2001             Chief, Selection, Edition and Publication Group, 

                            Computer Services and Information Center, Department of

                            Research and Education, Islamic Culture and Relations


1992-1994             Expert, Data Bank Group, , Department of Research

                            and Education, Ahl-Ul-Bait World Assembly.



2001       Basic Factors in Advantage of Foreigners Customers Trust in    

              Persian Carpet.

2000      National Survey about Beliefs and Values in West Azarbayjan Iran.

1999     The Role of Governmental Rules in Natural Environmental

            Degradation in Urban Areas: A sociological Perspective.

1999     Methods of Internal and External Cultural Activists: A Comparative


1999      Political Participation in Semnan and Yazd.

1997     Comprehensive Cultural Data about U.K. : An I.T. Perspective.

1996     Content Analysis of Selected TV Episodic Effects on Youth.

1994     Islamic Parties and Groups in Middle East and North Africa.

1998     Assistant in Several Social Researches as well as Social Satisfaction,

            Value Changes, Rural Societies, Media, and during B.A. and M.A.




Sociology,     Specific Techniques in Social Research



  1. Doing Social Research (Theoretical Debates, Modeling, Field Research, Data Analysis )

  2. Suggesting and Preparing the Field Appropriate Research Projects According to the Objects of any Organization, Institution, and

  3. Good Knowledge in WebFunctions as well as Research Tools, Evaluation of Websites, Regulations in Reference to Electronically Documents and Web Page Building in Primary.

  4. Good Knowledge in Environmental Sociology as an Applies Field of Research.

  5. Good Knowledge in Theoretical and Practical Debates in the Field of Urban Management.


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