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Shahrouz Falahatpishe

... the longest journey starts with a single step ...
The potential of this cyberspace medium is to inform and to generate discourse, to enhance information literacy, and to truly be a "theater of ideas." This site features commentary, data analyses (hey, we've become a "factoid" culture), occasional essays, as well as the requisite links, put together for courses taught by myself and my colleagues.  Additions and updates are made daily
More than 30 Federal agencies formed a working group in 1997 to make hundreds of Federally supported teaching and learning resources easier to find. The result of that work is the FREE web site. For an overview of what's available here at FREE.Also, the U.S. Department of Education (ED), on behalf of the FREE Working Group, was selected in 1997 by the Government Information Technology Services Board to support federal agencies that would partner with teachers to develop online learning materials and learning communities around agency resources.

This site is derived from the ICAAP online journals database. Resources listed here are full text, freely available, peer reviewed (in most cases) scholarly journals.

Links with a + (plus) preceding their name are accessible through that link on the St. Mary's University campus only.Links with a $ (dollar sign) preceding their name are available for a fee to individual users or subscribers.Links with an ! (exclamation point) are freely available to everyone through the web.

Journal of World -Systems Research

An Electronic Journal Sponsored by:Institute for Research on World-SystemsUniversity of California, Riverside & Center for Global, International, and Regional Studies Division of Social ciencesUniveristy of California, Santa Cruz

Qualitative Research

This page contains links to resources that explain the art of qualitative educational research: critiques, literature reviews, research design methodologies and other articles. The resource is intended as an aid to educational practioners as informed consumers of published research and as active contributors to the body of knowledge that informs emerging practices involving information and learning technologies (ILT). By no means an exhustive index, this resource offers a glimpse into the range of qualitative research models and methodologies that can be found in contexts of ILT.

Social Sciences Electronic Journals

This site belongs to World Wide Web Virtual Library

Online Full-Text Journals in Sociology and Related Fields 

 A site supported by sociology in switzerland

The Qualitative Report
An online journal dedicated to qualitative research since 1990

WWW Virtual Library: Sociology

The WWW Virtual Library: Sociology was established on January 15, 1995 by Dr. Samuel R. Brown. It was updated by David Kincheloe. It is now maintained by Dr. Carl Cuneo, Dept. of Sociology, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

The Resource Guide for the Social Sciences

A range of resources has been set up specifically to meet the needs of those working and studying in the social sciences. The guide focuses on resources funded by the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) of the Higher and Further Education Funding Councils of the UK, and the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC).

Sociology: A Guide to Internet Resources

This page is maintained by Erin Daix, Reference Department. Copyright 1996-2002 University of Delaware Library

WCSU List: Sociology Internet Resources

Site developed by J. Bannister.Department of Social Sciences
Western Connecticut State University

PowerPoint in the Classroom

PowerPoint in the Classroom is produced by ACT360 Media Ltd. in conjunction with Microsoft Corporation.