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Acton Institute

The Acton Institute is interested in religious pluralism,
individual liberty, free markets, and limited government.
This site defines the organization, its activities, and its


Business Cycle Indicators

This site presents 256 data series known as the U.S. Business Cycle Indicators. Economists use them to track and predict the business cycle in the U.S. If you're not an economist, this may be more information, specific and technical, than you want.

Capitalism: Frequently Asked Questions

This is an extensive and interesting discussion of capitalism with which you might or might not agree.

Commodity Flow Survey

The U.S. Census Bureau provides information here on commodity flows within the United States. Viewing, downloading, search available. Feedback encouraged.

Dead Economists Society

Portraits and quotes are here presented in appreciation of "the extraordinary insights of classical liberal economics." Easy reading, with related links.

The Dismal Scientist

This excellent economics site offers you a dictionary of economics terms, a calendar of economic indicator release dates, current indicator readings, analysis of economic regions, forecasts, thoughts, and more.


The Economic Education Website is a great resource for economics educators, K-12 through college. Lesson plans, a multitude of annotated links.

Economic History Services

In an attempt to provide a central source of information for economic historians, EH.Net has put together book reviews, course syllabi, professional information, and internet resources.


Devoted to the free distribution of working papers in economics, this Economics Working Paper Archive put up by Washington University contains more than 22 subjects, plus test posting and meeting areas.

The Economist

This experimental home page of The Economist, "the international weekly journal of news, ideas, opinion and analysis," offers selected articles and surveys. You can also arrange for a free e-mail subscription to their "Business This Week" and "Politics This Week" columns.

The Foundation for Economic Education

Founded in 1946 and dedicated to "the preservation of individual freedom and the private property order," FEE here summarizes its books, seminars, and discussion clubs, and offers links and a free sample of its monthly magazine, "The Freeman."


Put together by a Finnish economist, these "jokes about conomists and economics" are great fun to read, presumably for economist and layman alike.

Morgan Stanley: Global Economic Forum

Daily commentary "on the events and forces shaping the financial markets around the globe." The archives contain a number of interesting articles. provides financial market data, including current quotes on stocks, options,commodity futures, mutual funds, and bonds. Some is free, some not. One neat feature is the stock price alarms via e-mail service.

Resources for Economists on the Internet

This is a massive collection of categorized economics links, each with an extensive description. The author has included a handy shortcut section. Nicely done.

The Salary Calculator

This is great if you're thinking about moving, but also interesting if you're studying the differences in cost of living across the U.S. and the rest of the world. Input your current residence, destination, and salary, and it will tell you how much you will have to make to move there and keep the same buying power.

Sam Houston State University's Gopher Server: Economics

Link from here to an extensive list of economics gophers, other business and education sources, and professional information sources.


This is a subscription service, but offers a wide variety of current financial information (bond, foreign exchange, treasury rates, trends, etc.) which might make it a good investment for you. The STAT-USA quarterly newsletter and "selected publications" are free.

The Sticky Wicket- Poverty's Home Page

This site truly introduces one to the thoughts and feelings of the homeless and poor. It's big on welfare and community issues and contains the Cyber Herald, which is published weekly on such news and events, plus a really engaging Thoughts for Today section.

Wall Street Research Net

Investors, professional and private, can benefit from the 140,000 links offered here on actively traded companies and mutual funds.

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo offers weekly U.S. economic commentary, foreign exchange reports, investment and international trade news, and an invitation to join their online banling program.