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AAAS Directorate of Education and Human Resources Programs

The American Association for the Advancement of Science promotes science, math, and technology education improvements and an even playing field for all students. This site offers news, programs, their film and book review journal, and the most recent issue of Science Education News, offering current science, math, and technology education news and activities. Past issues are archived.

AIMS Education Foundation

The Activities Involving Math and Science Education Foundation has put together this page. The Foundation publishes a magazine of math and science activities for teachers to use in the classroom. This online site doesn't have as much, but it does have a good puzzle section that anyone can access.

About AskERIC

AskERIC allows you to ask specific education questions, visit the library, and learn the latest in education technology. This site provides valuable help in making the most of the huge ERIC resource.

Academic Systems

"Mediated Learning" is a software program aimed at the improved learning of college entry-level math, other subjects to follow. This site offers detailed course information, testimonials from students and faculty, and a roundtable discussion of instruction, learning, and technology.

Adventure Online

Eco-Adventures offers the opportunity for you to connect your classroom with various student-led expeditions. They have also archived some past experiences. Neat stuff!

The Alphabet Superhighway

Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education, this attractive site offers real help to teachers, students, and parents. There are tutorials, concrete help in teaching through the Web, search assistance, places to exhibit student and teacher work, a magazine, library of annotated links, writing and word challenges, and more.

American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers

This site is designed for those of you who are involved with these higher education processes.

American Council of Education

"A voice for higher and adult education" is the tagline of this graphics-intensive but informative site. Hot issues, products and services, and government relations are a few of the topics covered in detail here.

American School Directory

ASD provides a Web site "for each of America's 106,000 K-12 schools" containing school information, phone numbers, calendars, and maps. If you're moving, you can get an idea of the public and private schools you'll find in your new area. A great resource!

Are We There Yet?

With more than 600 places of interest listed, this site offers an "ultimate field trip resource" for New York City and Philadelphia. Information about museums, nature centers, historic sites, farms, aquariums, and zoos is included.

Armadillo's WWW Server

This is a site of long standing with a strong focus on education in the state of Texas, grades K-12. It contains a wealth of resources for both teachers and students.


Created by the Getty Center for education, the ArtsEdNet provides several services to Art educators. A few of these services include lesson plans for "those who are looking for clearly defined ways to teach discipline-based art education," listings of projects and grants, contests for art students, and an e-mailing list for discussions.

The Awesome Library

This site organizes more than 10,000 reviewed web resources for parents, students, teachers, librarians, and community members. Specify which of these groups is yours, and enter a library structured just for you! A great resource!

Best Practices in College Teaching

An extensive and in-depth article, well organized and easy to read, on effective methods in college teaching. The author, Tom Drummond, has done extensive research on the subject and made the work available on the Net. A great resource!

Britannica Internet Guide

Encyclopaedia Britannica brings you an Internet guide to more than 65,000 sites, reviewed, rated, and categorized for ease of search. Check the expanded outline for a breakdown of the sites you'll find under each main category, or use the site search tool if you're researching a specific topic.

The British Dyslexia Association

A list of famous people who have dyslexia is only one of the resources on this site, which includes a huge amount of information about this common learning disability.

CRADA Corporation: Researchers' Gateway to Sponsors, Grants and Contracts

Choose CRADA's Internet Gateway to Funding and you'll find hundreds of links for general, women's, and minorities' use in locating funds through foundations, government agencies, corporations, and international concerns.

CWA Education Web

"Targeted at teachers, educators and students involved in New Zealand education," this site offers a large collection of annotated education sites you'll find useful no matter where in the world you live. It also contains a technology and science database, web site building advice, Internet terms, and more.

The Canadian Council of Montessori Administrators

Supporting Montessori administrators and promoting standards of Montessori education are the goals of this site. It also provides Montessori information which would be helpful whether youre already familiar with Montessori or not. Theres a newsletter, with archives, plus a list of Montessori resources.

The Canadian Homeschooling Resource Page

This site gives information on homeschooling in Canada, province by province. The laws and regulations, the helpful organizations, the history and more are here. You'll also find a chat room, a mailing list, and helpful links.

Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Site

This site is a collection of reviews of children's books and ways to use them in the classroom. You can look them up by title, author, type, or age, and browse them in catagories such as curriculum area, subject, and theme.

The Catalyst:Chemistry Resources for the Secondary Education Teacher on the WWW

Created by a high school chemistry teacher, the Catalyst is a useful, well organized listing of chemistry links for other high school chemistry teachers.

The Center for Education Reform

Charter schools, school choice, and education reform are discussed here at length. For parents, teachers, and taxpayers, it's interesting reading about difficult issues.

Center for Multilingual Multicultural Research

The University of Southern California has made available this great collection of multicultural resources including African-American, Asian-American, Hispanic, and Native American annotated sites, plus news, articles, teacher training and technology projects, and more.

Children's Software Press

Here you will find some useful information about software for children. The resource guide is particularly helpful, including information on guide books, Internet books, teachers' resources, organizations, and software companies.

Chronicle of Higher Education

The online edition allows users to check on job opportunities both in education and in industry. It's also a rich source of higher education news.

Cohasset Middle/High School Interdisciplinary Units Homepage

Cohasset offers great links to general education resources and to lesson planning sites, as well as to its own award-winning interdisciplinary units.

The Computer Teacher's Resource Page

This is a help for anyone interested in using computers to teach elementary school children. The author believes these links can be used in creating classroom projects for students. There are some really good links: more learning-intensive than some lists, with less fluff.

Computers as Tutors: Solving the Crisis in Education

This is an online book about how computers could be better utilized in todays classrooms. The presentation is not fancy, but its logical and includes a brief summary of the book as well as the full text. The author has some very high goals for what computers could do, but he also makes some excellent points.

The Connecticut Academy for Education

The Academy is a group dedicated to improving Connecticut education in math, science, and technology. Choose Time from the contents table and check out especially the Monograph and Other Time Sites for some very interesting reading on the research that is being done in the area of scheduling, time use, calendar modifications, and similar concerns as they relate to education.

Creative Impulse

The high school teacher who developed this site has built a resource which examines history through the Arts (Art, Music, Drama, Literature, and Culture) of each historical period. She starts with prehistory and takes you through the medieval period to the present. Lots and lots of links.

Creative Writing For Kids

The Mining Company's Creative Writing site offers a variety of activities, advice, and sites of interest to budding writers. The guide for this section divides her content to make it age appropriate for younger or older (up to 15) kids. Send in your work for editing suggestions, or for publication.

Digital Education Network

The Digital Education Network (DEN) has six DENs in which students can obtain up-to-date information, learn, and practice their skills in such areas as math, news, writing, and the Internet. Parents and teachers can access current content for classroom or home use. Registration is free. Very, very cool site!

Here educators can learn how to use the programming of The Discovery Channel and The Learning Channel in the classroom. Interesting units include study questions, activities, vocabulary help, and more.

ENC - Eisenhower National Clearinghouse for Math and Science

This site provides teachers with ways to increase their effectiveness with lessons, activities, articles, and the highlighting of 13 outstanding sites every month.

The ESL Center

If you're looking for Web resources on English as a Second Language, including writing, pronunciation, exercises, and teacher links, The ESL Center can help you.

The ESL/EFL Page

Designed as a starting point for finding information on teaching English as a second language, this site (created by Andreas Lund of Norway) offers links to major Web search engines, TESL sites categorized under various topics, lesson plans, and activities.

Early Childhood Educators' and Family Web Corner

This is a great site for teachers and parents. Article titles include: "Making the Most of a Conference with Your School Principal", " What Age is Appropriate?" and " Worksheet Blues". There's information on the education debate, plus family pages and teacher pages, and a search engine.

Ed Tech Tools

If you are part of an educational institution (and especially if you're involved in distance learning), you can register here and use the QuizCenter to make Web pages with quizzes. No downloading or installation required, and no knowledge of HTML necessary. Examples and directions provided.


This URL will take you to the archives of this mailing list, run by Peter Kickbush at the US Department of Education. The list sends out two to three e-mail messages a week from the DOE on a variety of topics. If you're interested in subscribing to the list, send an e-mail message to and put the following information (and nothing else) in the message body: subscribe EDInfo yourfirstname yourlastname). If you have a sig file, please turn it off. A great tool!!

Education Book Reviews

Brief reviews on many current education-related books from smaller publishers on this site created and maintained by Kate Corby. The reviews are catalogued by author, title, subject, and publisher, and users are asked to submit their own reviews if they like. Neat tool, and nicely organized.

Education by Design

Put up by an Australian teacher, Education by Design contains math games and puzzles, and provides the opportunity for children to publish stories on the Net. Of special interest to parents are the short explanations of current theories on how children learn spelling, reading, math skills, etc.

Education Network Australia Directory Service

This site offers separate entries and directed information for students, parents, educators, and administrators in all parts of Australia. If you teach in Western Australia, for instance, you can find specific information and general resources about your job, curriculum, classroom, and professional development.

Education Policy Analysis Archives

This well organized online journal on education policy is in its fifth year. You can read the full texts of all EPAA articles, browse their abstracts, or submit your own article or commentary.

Education Week

This popular hard copy publication contains articles and information for educators, as well as "issues pages" that cover hot topics in the education industry--topics like school vouchers, charter schools, the Internet, and more. They plan to start charging for access shortly, but at the moment they're offering it on a free trial basis.

Education World

"Where Educators Go To Learn," Education World is a great source of current news on educational topics, lesson plans, curriculum resources, teacher training, book reviews, discussion, and more.

Educational Resource

Steck-Vaughn Publishing offers this site to parents and educators of K-12 children as a source of their educational materials. They include a Frequently Asked Questions section and resource sites for teachers.

EdWeb - Exploring Technology and School Reform

Andy Carvin has put together this site "to explore the worlds of educational reform and information technology," and he's done it very well. Among his topics: the potential role of WWW in the classroom, how to create your own web page, the information highway debate, and computers and kids. Great education links.

Electronic School

Electronic School online contains articles from the quarterly print version published by The National School Boards Association. Included today are: "How to Help Novice Teachers Soar," "Technology Makes Social Studies Come Alive," and "The 25 CD-ROM Titles Every School District Should Have."

Employment & Training Administration

The labor and training agencies of the U.S. Government set up TTRC to help create a system of employment and training services that would be low cost and easily adaptable to changing conditions. Here you can learn about School-to-Work, job training, corporate involvement, career resources, skill standards, and more.

Encarta Schoolhouse

Encarta Schoolhouse brings you a current topic, such as Dig a Dinosaur, and the articles, links, related learning activities, and questions answered by an expert that bring that subject to life. There are a dozen past topics in the archives, plus a teacher's lounge, chat opportunities, and the Encarta Lesson Collection described above.

The Environmental Education Network

Educators, the EnviroLink Network, and the environmental community have come together to bring environmental education online. Not only are resources gathered for teachers, but for students, too!

Expedia World Guide

Part of Microsoft's travel site, the World Guide is an "illustrated guidebook to more than 250 destinations." The geography, history, arts, and culture information for these locations make this site a great place to learn.

The Exploratorium

Answers to general science questions and instructions for dozens of science experiments are available on this site, a great resource for teachers and students alike.

Exploring the Environment

Supported by NASA, this project offers a number of interactive modules relating to topics such as rainforests, El Nino, the Mars landing, Water Quality, and Earth on Fire. The aim is to engage high school students in creative learning and problem solving using GIS and other technologies. Theres also a middle school section, plus lots of teacher help and opportunities for interaction.

Florida Geographic Alliance

In addition to geography links and chat, this site offers an extensive collection of outline maps available for download. There is also a list of lesson plans organized by country/continent for elementary and middle school children, with lots of interesting activities.

From Now On: The Educational Technology Journal

Current and back issues of this journal provide great articles on school networks, using the Web in class and at home, positive attitudes in education, or "educational technology in support of Engaged Learning."

The Geometry Center

"The Geometry Center Web at a Glance" will help you to navigate this site, which details the work of the Geometry Center, a National Science Foundation Center at the University of Minnesota. You'll find interactive Web and Java applications, geometry reference archives, software, video, and teaching materials.

Getting America's Students Ready for the 21st Century

The Improving America's Schools Act of 1994 required the Department of Education to develop a long-range plan for education technology. The report is available online at this address. It includes best practices, benefits and costs of technology, and more.

The Gifted and Talented Nieman Enhanced Learning Center

This Center enriches the education of gifted students in Shawnee Mission Kansas. While the site details the program and its projects, it also contains excellent lists of Web resources for parents and teachers of gifted and talented children.

Global Schoolhouse

Ideas and projects from teachers around the world are available on this site, which connects schools and classrooms all over the planet.

Healthy School Environment

This is a project for an interdisciplinary study involving 7th grade math, science, English, and world cultures classes. Students examine air quality, drinking water quality, radon levels, air flow, and a number of other factors in the course of an eight week unit. Objectives, procedures, and lesson plans are included in this excellent site.

Higher Education Information Center

This site is focused on providing services and information to Massachusetts residents. It includes "academic, financial aid and career information...and conducts education awareness programs in middle schools, high schools and community agencies serving youth and adult populations throughout the Boston area." All their services are free.

The History of Education Site

This is a huge collection of "links to the history of education & childhood." The author has combed the Web and written excellent reviews of sites which detail historical education practices, methods of child rearing, and conditions of childrens lives throughout history and all over the globe. Fascinating stuff!


This attractive site offers "Global Careers and Education Service." There are comprehensively annotated links to education and career sites, many of them Hobsons' own, with more to come.

Integrating the Internet

Here's lots of helpful information about integrating the Internet into your classroom, including resources, projects, a newsletter, and study units.

Intercultural E-mail Classroom Connections

IECC offers mailing lists (provided by St. Olaf College) to help teachers and students find participants in other countries for "e-mail classroom pen-pal and project exchanges."

Internet & Curriculum

Kent School District has compiled Internet resources on curriculum for a variety of subjects. Some areas are not yet researched, but science, social studies, and math, (among others) are worthwhile.

Internet Resources for Geography and Geology

This is a large Geography/Geology resource. Choose from a dozen topics including world geography, government resources, and teaching helps, and find a number of resources under each topic. Link to environmental information or take a virtual tour of Bosnia, Hawaii, the Grand Canyon, others.

K-12 History on the Internet Resource Guide

Go to the site map and get a clear picture of what this site offers in its attempt to encourage history teachers out onto the information superhighway. Though this site has been up since 1995, it's updated and offers good techniques and resources for teachers, and not just teachers of history.

Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators

This is an excellent site, and not just for teachers. Straightforward and easy to use, it offers extensive lists of annotated links in dozens of subject areas, but also contains wonderful information on search engines, directories, and how to use the Internet effectively.

Kodak: Enhancing Learning Through Imaging

Lesson plans by subject or by grade are here for your perusal, as well as discussions of imaging projects and archives of Kodak's news releases of interest to educators.

LD Online

This site offers a wealth of information regarding learning disabilities and Attention Deficit Disorder. You can be kept up-to-date on current events, locate help nationally and by state, participate in discussion groups, and more. What a find!

Language Learning

Resources for teaching and learning English as a second or foreign language are categorized by learning method and by written, spoken, and business categories. Lots of great information as well as links to other sites.

The Learning Space

The Learning Space has a lot to offer: lesson plans, teacher resources, categorized education links, tons of technology assistance and encouragement, funding information, professional growth resources, and more. Go to Site Index under About the Learning Space for a helpful overview.

Lesson Plans and Resources for Social Studies Teachers

The Civil War, Diversity, African Studies, and Creating a Historical Newspaper are among the many lesson plans you will find on this site. Very nice resource.

The Library in the Sky

With sections for teachers, students, parents, librarians, and the community, The Library in the Sky offers Web resources by subject, support sites for the groups just mentioned, access to a huge group of lesson plans, and much more.

Literacy Online

This is "your gateway to high quality adult learning and literacy resources available on the Internet." Featuring the work of The National Center on Adult Literacy and The International Literacy Institute, with the goal of improving the quality of adult literacy programs and services, this site contains information on current research, events, innovations, and more.

The Lokke Study Center

Formerly "The Homeschool/Homework Study Center," this site has many helpful resource links to dictionaries, subject help, encyclopedias, libraries, museums, professors online, and more. If you need help with your homework, this is a good place to start.

M&M Software Online Catalog

This is a catalog of educational shareware, freeware, and public domain software for several operating systems including Windows and Macintosh. Put together by a former teacher, it includes titles for K-12 in a variety of subjects, with content summaries and pricing options.

Maximum Potential Project

MPP is a California project which offers counseling for adults and children who are underachievers. It's worth coming here for the list of common characteristics if you suspect your child (or you!) may suffer from this problem.

Middle School Web Sites and Resources

This site is maintained by a middle school teacher in Texas who wanted to make it easier for teachers to find useful links. He has catagories such as: Kid Safe Sites, Kid reference section, Middle School Homepages, various science sites, gifted and talented sites, and the National Middle School Association site.


MiddleWeb explores "the challenges of middle grades reform," especially in urban schools. Many related articles are included, as well as links to other sources on the Web, in such areas as Assessment & Evaluation, Curriculum & Instruction, and Parents & the Public.

Mr. Donn's Ancient History Page

Mr. Donn teaches ancient history to sixth graders in Maryland. This impressive site offers his own units on Ancient Greece and Mesopotamia (detailed daily lessons, activities, a unit test) plus wonderful teaching resources he's gathered on a dozen ancient cultures including Egypt, Rome, China, Africa, Aztecs, etc. Site also includes Mrs. Donn's Special Sections, maps, games, and more. Excellent.

Ms. Smith's English Page

This is a resource page for Ms. Smith's eighth grade English classes in Weymouth, MA, but most of the information and all of the many links described here will be valuable to students and teachers of literature and writing regardless of location.

Music Education

This site has excellent weekly articles, archived, by an experienced music educator, and you are invited to comment on them and to read the comments of others. There is also a very nice collection of reviewed music sites, and you may add your own opinion.

NAESP Principal Online

This site gives you a very complete view of The National Association of Elementary School Principals, its goals and activities, student services and school improvement efforts, special projects and upcoming events. There are also archived articles of interest from several NAESP publications, research, shopping, and more.

NASA SpaceLink

This "Aeronautics and Space Resource for Educators Since 1988" offers a wealth of Hot Topics, Cool Picks, and search opportunities for its collection of 13,000 NASA files. Friendly style and ease of navigation are impressive with site map, FAQ, background information, and other helps.


The National Association of Space Simulating Educators offers a great page for teachers, some of it still under construction. It includes how-to instructions for building table-top and more advanced simulators, scripts for different space missions, graphics to use on control panels and other construction helps, and a links page with free simulation software!

National Center for Education Statistics

NCES includes a number of guides, reports, and research studies available for download, as well as databases that can be viewed online.

The National Coalition of Alternative Community Schools

The NCACS is a "non-profit coalition of schools, groups, and individuals committed to participant control of education." This site explains their goals, summarizes their publications and teacher education program, and offers links of interest especially to alternative and home schoolers.

National Geographic Online

In addition to their famous features on individual cultures, the folks at National Geographic offer here a wide range of options including talk, answers to your geography questions, and scenic drive information with lodging, maps, and even car games. A great site.

New Visions for Public Schools

New Visions is a nonprofit organization for the improvement of New York Citys public schools. This site offers education news and links of value beyond New York, news on the groups activities, descriptions of the schools involved, and ways you can help.

The New York Institute for Special Education

Founded in 1831 as an institution for the blind, NYISE now offers education for the visually impaired, for students with learning and emotional disabilities, and for developmentally delayed preschoolers. In addition to the school's history and programs, the site offers Blindness Resources and disability links.


Designed to replace the Dictionary of Occupational Titles, "O*NET can help all Americans make informed employment decisions." This comprehensive database on job characteristics is a valuable resource for teachers, counselors, career-center specialists, and more.

Office of Accessibility

The University of Toledo provides comprehensive information on its support services for students who face mental or physical challenges. The site is well organized and would be helpful to prospective as well as active students.


"The Service to Locate Learning Resource Material" gives you the chance to post lesson plans and other learning materials, and to read the resources posted by others. There is also a chat area, clip art source, and links page.

The Polar Bears

This impressive site is the online classroom for a "cool" fifth grade class in Florida. The teacher, Mr. Roemer, explains the Kwanzaa-modeled class principles, and his use of self-monitoring to teach self-control. Homework, project help, and journals are posted by and for the kids, and it's a great way to get parents involved. Right now there's a great feature about TV.


Information on creating and nurturing a partnership between parents and schools for the best interest of kids, tips on helping kids learn, and workbooks on family involvement in schools are a few of the many valuable resources available here. A must-see site for involved parents and teachers.

Quest, The NASA K-12 Internet Initiative

NASA offers three projects to connect K-12 classrooms to the experts: Live from Mars, Women of NASA, and Live from Antarctica II.

Readers Theatre

Readers Theatre Online Canada offers teachers' guides and sample plays for duplication and classroom use, as well as information and links on the Readers Theatre concept, "The fastest growing innovation"

A School Zone

These links (most are annotated) were collected by a learning disabilities specialist and educational therapist who teaches a group of special-needs kids on the high school level. She offers lots of excellent special education resources in several categories, plus general education, parenting, and fun sites.


One of the great sections of this education resource guides you to the sites of K-12 schools on the Web... worldwide! Narrow your search by area, country, and city until you find the school you're looking for.

Schools Online

Produced by the University of Illinois Extension Service, this site offers teacher and student resources in several interesting areas: an interactive plant science curriculum for 4th and 5th graders, a sports and nutrition unit, character education activities, a newsletter, links, and more.

SciEd: Science and Mathematics Education Resources

This is a really extensive list of Science and Math links specifically designed with the educator in mind.

Science Learning Network

There are some fun things here for educators and parents. You can explore science-related resources and connect with schools and educators. Colorful and easy to navigate.

Social Studies Online Resources

World and U.S. Geography, History, and News sites are compiled and categorized here with useful annotations. If you are a teacher or student of Social Studies, this should be a helpful site for you.

Social Studies Sources

This is a large group of briefly annotated Social Studies links compiled for K-12 teachers and students. Sites are listed in such categories as General, World, and U.S. History, Government/Politics, and Geography/Culture.

Solar System Online

Solar System Online provides the educational community with new and exciting information from space sciences as well as provide relevant information from previous space science projects such as Online from Jupiter and Live from the Hubble Space Telescope.

Soleil's World Learning Series

Children, parents, and educators have special sections of reviewed links at Soleil's. A publisher of educational materials, Soleil (French for sun!) puts an emphasis on languages. For instance, when you click on the wildlife in Fun Zone, you get descriptions in English, Spanish, and French.

Study Web

Here's a huge research library of annotated links in 25 categories, bringing the resources of the Web to you quickly and easily. Grade level sorting and visual content notations will be helpful additions for teachers and students alike.

Studying Whales in Middle Schools

SWIMS is an interdisciplinary unit involving 7th grade English, science, math, and world geography students in the study of east coast whales. Interesting encouragement of scientific method and great whale links!


Online reviews of children's software for parents, teachers, and kids. A neat resource.

Surfing the Net with Kids

Barbara J. Feldman reviews several great related sites each week for newspapers across the country. This site contains those excellent reviews, available by topic or chronologically. This is a wonderful source of interesting material on the Web, whether youre surfing with kids or not!

T.H.E. Online

Technological Horizons in Education provides a comprehensive source of computer and related technologies and how their use can improve teaching and learning. Learn about setting up networks and web pages, products and funding sources, using the Internet in the classroom, much more.

The Teachers' Employment Network

"The web's most complete educational employment resource" attempts to bring together teachers looking for jobs and schools looking for teachers. Post and edit your resume or register your district and post your openings, and it's free.

Teachers Guide for the Professional Cartoonists Index

This site contains lesson plans and step-by-step instructions on how to use Daryl Cagles Pro Cartoonists Index in the classroom to foster learning about current events, politics, symbolism, and more. Plans are available for primary, middle, and secondary levels.


What a great site full of resources for teachers. The "Reference Desk" is huge with links to dictionaries, calculators, maps, encyclopedias, card catalogs, and more. There are also language and curriculum resources. Other nice features are the chat board and the lesson exchange. This site is extremely useful!

Technology & Learning Online

The leading magazine for technology-using educators offers a searchable database of software reviews from the past few years, among other features. Parents are welcome at this site also.


ThinkQuest is an international contest for students 12-19 years old. Under the direction of coaches and teachers, they build educational (and frequently exceptional!) Web sites. This site explains the program and gives examples of winning sites from past years.

ThinkQuest Junior

New in 1997, ThinkQuest Junior is modeled after the international ThinkQuest competition which encourages older students to form teams to research and build educational Web sites. TQ Junior is for US students in grades 4-6, but the idea is the same. If you'd like to get involved, this site will tell you how.

This is MegaMathematics!

Under the auspices of the Los Alamos National Laboratory, MegaMath attempts "to bring unusual and important mathematical ideas to elementary school classrooms so that young people and their teachers can think about them." Some very interesting projects, and they'd be fun for older students as well!

The US Department of Education

Follow the simple outline through the US Department of Education's extensive web page. They provide copies of their latest publications, such as The Student Guide to Financial Aid. Also the Pick o' the Month page is worth a visit.

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

The UNHCR has put together a very informative and moving site using the words, pictures, and thoughts of refugees around the world. The teachers' section provides lesson plans, mainly for use with ages 9-11, 12-14, and 15-18, in a number of subjects like art, history, geography, and language.

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Though primarily this is information about the musuem, the "Learning About the Holocaust" section provides educators with information for teaching about the holocaust. There are also excerpts from the official trial with accompanying photographs (though some are pretty graphic).

Wayne Community Schools Internet Library

This is an excellent resource, and not just for the schools of Wayne, Nebraska! There are thousands of links in categories such as reference, news, libraries, and maps. Two thousand full text books may be accessed along with a thousand periodicals, computer resources, and more.


Web66 not only offers a list of schools on the Internet, but also offers some nice content regarding Internet related activities and schools. These include the Web66 Network Construction Set which offers instuctions for setting up school LANs and WANs with Internet capabilities. Very useful information.


A WebTopic is "a collection of web site reviews, centered around a theme." Among 20 topics completed so far are Astronomy, Egyptian Archaeology, pets, and invention. In addition to lengthy reviews of lots of related sites, each WebTopic offers books, tapes, and other resources to fill out a unit of study. This is part of a larger site which also includes lots of reviewed home schooling sites, book reviews, and more.

Who's Who Among America's Teachers

Published by Educational Communications, Inc., this is the only recognition program in the education field where the ultimate consumers of education - the students - have the opportunity and responsibility to honor the teachers who have most significantly impacted their lives.

Woodbury Reports

This site is put up by "An Educational Consultancy for At-Risk Adolescents" and offers a look at special schools and programs, articles and opinions on education methods and "alternative fields," reviews, resources, a bulletin board, and more. Audio and video enhanced.

Writing a Basic Essay

This is a straightforward presentation of essay writing basics, plus an excellent links collection including writing sources, grammar and study aids, and bibliography resources.