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Environmental Science
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Amazing Environmental Organization Web Directory

In addition to "Earth's Biggest Environment Search
Engine," this offers subtopics from agriculture to wildlife,
each with multiple links.



Arctic Circle

This is a comprehensive look, in text and photo, at the lands and people of the Arctic Circle using three themes: natural resources, history and culture, and social equity and environmental justice. You'll find very interesting information on indigenous peoples and their situations in the face of natural resource exploration.

Bio Online

Biotechnology information supplied by industry, government, and research sources is offered here. Includes a Career Center with job search and HR links.

Center for Conservation Biology Network

The Center, put together by Rice University, offers a number of Conservation Biology areas for study. Their Virtual Library of Ecology, Biodiversity, and the Environment contains hundreds of great biology links in a user-friendly format. The Society for Conservation Biology Homepage is here, along with The Orchid Weblopedia, some very interesting Related Conservation Biology Projects, and more.

Consortium on Green Design and Manufacturing

This organization encourages multi-disciplinary research and education on environmental management and pollution prevention issues in critical industries. One very nice area of this site is the publication abstract section.

Defenders of Wildlife

This organization is dedicated to the preservation of all wild animals and plants in their natural habitats. Information on the organization is included, as is information on how to participate. It includes a general overview of what's happening to the environment around the world as well.

Earth Communications Office

This organization puts the slogan "Think globally, act locally" into practice--its mission is to encourage everyone to do something to help the environment.

Earthweek: A Diary of the Planet

Weekly, this site offers a global map of natural and manmade events in the environment, along with some background information about each event. The events range from extreme temperatures to lion plagues to tropical storms to earthquakes. You can also look at an archive of past weeks. Interesting!


This organization focuses on helping communities rebuild their economies on foundations that don't harm the environment. Their conservation strategies are explained on the site. Their primary focus is on North American rain forests.


This is the largest online environmental information resource on the planet, according to its creators.

The Environment

The is The Mining Company's Environment site, and your guide has prepared features on a number of environmental topics, answered questions, and put together a nice set of annotated links to environmental sites.

The Environmental Careers Organization

This nonprofit organization offers information, links, and help with placement in environmental careers.

Environmental Defense Fund

The official site for the EDF, which focuses on saving the environment by educating populations and by working with industries and governments to modify environmentally harmful practices.

The Environmental Education Network

Educators, the EnviroLink Network, and the environmental community have come together to bring environmental education online. Not only are resources gathered for teachers, but for students, too!

Environmental News Network

Daily environmental news stories are covered on this very current site. A great source of information, and a look at the future of the Internet.

Environmental Science

Nerd World Media offers earth science, ecology, and environment sites with summary information.

Environmental Science Program

The University of Manitoba, in addition to explaining their program, offers links to environmental sites, some U.S. more Canadian.

Exploring the Environment

Supported by NASA, this project offers a number of interactive modules relating to topics such as rainforests, El Nino, the Mars landing, Water Quality, and Earth on Fire. The aim is to engage high school students in creative learning and problem solving using GIS and other technologies. Theres also a middle school section, plus lots of teacher help and opportunities for interaction.

GeoWeb: Environmental Engineering

This is a source for environmental engineering sites in the US and elsewhere, including government sites, companies, and software.

Interdisciplinary Minor in Global Sustainability

UC Irvine wants to help students understand and deal with the environmental problems we'll all face in the 21st century. In addition to course description, this site offers related current events articles, including the El Nino brewing in the Pacific and the Cassini launch at the time of this review.

League of Conservation Voters

This organization supports politicians whose voting records show they support conserving and protecting the environment. You can also check your representative's voting record on environmental issues here.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

The NOAA's goal is to promote global environmental stewardship in order to conserve and wisely manage the nation's marine and coastal resources.

Natural History Museums and Collections

You can link from here to hundreds of museums, botanical gardens, conservation sites, and libraries around the world. Many of these are truly spectacular. Sources are divided by continent and arranged alphabetically.

Rainforest Action Network

There's some good research information on rainforests here, and a lot of links. Kids' Corner offers an art gallery, stories of rainforest life, and ways kids can help. Also very helpful (for those of us who are lazy) are their online letter writing campaigns. Just fill out a form with your e-mail address and sign the pre-written letter and it is faxed or e-mailed for you.

Recycler's World

Information on how to recycle most recyclable materials and links to many recycling organizations.

Residential Energy Efficiency Database

This is a great site for information and encouragement in being as energy efficient as we can "to help ourselves, our children, and our environment." Of a dozen categories, Residential Indoor Air Quality alone has dozens of subtopics. There's also an extensive glossary of housing terms. Altogether, an excellent resource.

Save the Earth

Learn about the environment, talk about the issues in specific chat rooms, and place bids in their online auction gallery. (All proceeds go to undergraduate and graduate programs that are environment related.) Cool.

Sierra Club

The official site of the organization that works to save the environment by influencing public policy. One of the oldest and best known conservation organizations, and a pretty good Web site.


Solstice is "your online source for sustainable energy information" and its very impressive. Among the many gems here: interactive multimedia CD-ROMs like The Greening of the White House, The Suns Joules multimedia encyclopedia on renewable energy (with teaching helps), School Energy Doctor software, tons more.

Surfrider Foundation USA

This organization focuses on saving the world's oceans and beaches. There's a wealth of information about their mission, efforts, and policies on this site, which features a lot of updated news and events.

Texas Environmental Center

A large and widely varied resource on Texas environmental conditions, particularly near border towns. The section on water is very extensive, and links to an encyclopedia to provide even more information. Photo essays and maps help round out an excellent resource.

US Environmental Protection Agency

US Environmental Policy is easily available to the public on this very informative but mostly text-based site. Still, a great source for research. Sections on state, local, and tribal governments, statistics, and areas for students and teachers are offered.

US Environmental Protection Agency Water Resources

A searchable online database and a huge store of publicly available information about wetlands, wastewater, etc., from the EPA. Maps are also available as part of this useful resource.

US Environmental / Recycling Hotline: "Earth's 911"

Graphics intensive, but worth it--this site is full of information on how to reduce waste and environmental pollution. Contains links to other environmental and conservation sites as well.

US Fish and Wildlife Service

The mission of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is to conserve, protect, and enhance fish and wildlife and their habitats for the continuing benefit of the American people.

Virtual Galapagos

This site allows students to take a virtual tour of the Galapagos islands, and discusses the history, scientific importance, and issues facing the islands. Aimed at students K-12, but a great resource for all.

Water Quality of San Francisco Bay

This site details the water quality component of efforts by the U.S. Geological Survey to research the coastal ecosystems of the Bay area and how they are impacted by human disturbances. It's interesting reading and well presented, with an excellent glossary to help with technical terms.

The Weather Channel

A neat way to get the latest weather in your area and elsewhere in the world.

Wired for Conservation

The website of The Nature Conservancy is a great place to find out what's new in the area of nature conservation from the organization that works to conserve natural habitats and species by purchasing the land and waters they need to survive. A really nice feature of the site is the full availability of The Nature Conservancy's monthly magazine.