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Ethnic and Cultural Studies
... the longest journey starts with a single step ...

ARTFL Project

The University of Chicago's Project for American and French Research on the Treasury of the French Language ( wonder they use an acronym!) was created as a database of words from written French. It now contains over 150 million words ranging from the 17th to the 20th centuries. A great tool for French scholars and researchers, as well as lovers of language.

African Studies Quarterly

This interdisciplinary electronic journal focuses entirely on scholarly writings concerning Africa. The first volume is online with articles examining issues such as Judicial Responses to Genocide and Livelihoods and Security in Africa.

Africana Studies

Africana Studies at The University of Toledo presents, in addition to its own programs, links to a huge list of other universities' African Studies departments, African and Caribbean links, links pertaining to the state of African-Americans in the US, and more.

Amazon Interactive

Through word and picture, this excellent site will help you learn about the Ecuadorian Amazon, its rainforest, and its people. Then you get to make decisions about running a community ecotourism project to make money so that you don't have to clear so much of the rainforest to live.

American Folk

Brought to you by a group of folklorists at UCLA and dealing with American folklore and pop culture, American Folk offers you slice-of-life portraits of a number of very different personalities.

Arctic Circle

This is a comprehensive look, in text and photo, at the lands and people of the Arctic Circle using three themes: natural resources, history and culture, and social equity and environmental justice. You'll find very interesting information on indigenous peoples and their situations in the face of natural resource exploration.


Since 1956 the Asia Society has worked "to foster understanding and communication between Americans and the peoples of Asia and the Pacific." Site categories include News and Information, For Educators (with many lesson plans and related links), and an Adult-Free Zone. Lots of helpful information, well presented and frequently updated.

Azteca Web Page

Find out about the Treaty of Guadalupe, Mexico's Indian population, the definition of Chicano, and what and where Aztlan is. Lots of good information on this culture and the issues affecting it.

Black Facts Online!

This is a cool site on black history in which you can search by date or word. All kinds of events and people are listed.


CLNET, part of the Chicano/Latino Electronic network, is interested in "Building Chicana/o Latina/o Communities Through Networking." There's information here on jobs, research, and libraries, as well as sections for students, community, and personal pages, and a virtual museum.

CLNET's Chicana Studies

This part of CLNET offers information about Chicanas and Latinas. With profiles, interviews, announcements, events information, directories, and discussion topics, this is a very useful site.

Center for Multilingual Multicultural Research

The University of Southern California has made available this great collection of multicultural resources including African-American, Asian-American, Hispanic, and Native American annotated sites, plus news, articles, teacher training and technology projects, and more.

China the Beautiful

Chinese art, history, culture, and mythology are featured on this site, which contains a selection of Chinese poetry in both English and Chinese in the reading room.

Chinese Language Related Information Page

A number of resources for anyone interested in Chinese, including speakers and students of Chinese languages, China scholars, Chinese teachers, translators, linguists, East Asiatic librarians, and computer programmers.

Contemporary Conflicts in Africa

Explore the issues and locations of conflict while learning prevention and peacemaking.


This site offers a vast amount of information about Croatia. From a basic overview to in-depth information regarding history and politics, from the economy to the music and art, from the culture to the sports, you can find it here. Well organized and easy to navigate.

Czech Happenings

Would you like to know what is going on in the Czech Republic? If so, this site is for you. Read about politics, learn the latest Czech sports scores, or learn how to speak a little Czech. To fully enjoy all this site has to offer, you need a WAV enabled browser.

Diario de Yucatan

Included on this site: the history of the Yucatan, classifieds, services directory, news, and a large section on the "World and Culture of the Maya". The Maya links are the most fun because you can check out recent archealogical findings and learn a lot about these ancient people.

Estonian Folklore

Site topics include: institutions, publications, data bases, research fields, events, folklorists, folklore, and links. It's a nice and simple layout with lots of info on the people of the different regions, plus an analysis of folklore and its importance

The Ethnic Woman

This is an online publication for women of all backgrounds. Its main focus is articles and events, but there is also a collection of vegetarian recipes.

Famous Hispanics

This page lists famous Hispanics, alphabetically and by category (antiquity, musicians, painters, etc.). Also linked from here are Hispanic pages, a magazine, and sites dealing with Hispanic countries, bullfighting, and the debate over English as the official language.


Written for, by, and about French citizens living internationally, this well known publication is now available online. And yes, of course, it's in French. You were expecting maybe German? :)

The Hellas Home Page

This is probably the best source for Greek and Hellenic links and information on the web: everything from cheese to the press to schools. This page was formed to promote the Hellas list, a newsgroup, which is also a great source.


If you're looking for information on Hungarian culture, this searchable index is a great place to start. Categories include business, culture, health, education, and entertainment.

IGC's African American Directory

The Institute for Global Communications has put together a site loaded with interesting topics. Right now there is information on a campaign to free an imprisoned activist on death row, a focus on Black History Month, and an online resource guide for the black church fires. There's also a permanent section called "OUR VOICES: Where Do We Go From Here?" filled with quotes and essays.

Kids Web Japan

This is a terrific site, geared for kids but of interest to anyone who wants to know about Japan. Categories include Tradition, History, Politics, Schools, Industry, Daily Life, Ecology, and more. There's a place to ask questions and a place to play games, plus news, cool sites, much more.

Kwanzaa Information Center

At this site you can find out what Kwanzaa is and read definitions of its symbols and principles. There's information on the history and on books for children.

Latin America Traveler

This page contains current travel news concerning Latin America and a page of links sorted by country. A good place to find out about conditions in these countries.

Mungo Park

Expedias Mungo Park is an adventure magazine. You can read reports (some from celebrities) of expeditions to remote parts of the globe, learning about the countries and the people who live there. Theres also chat, a chance to submit articles or send postcards, and more.

Museums of Russia

This site offers links and reviews of Russias museum sites on the Web, along with information on tourism and a Kids area. Parts are slow to load and there are a few organizational and language glitches, but if youre searching for Russian culture or history, its definitely worth a look.

The National Civil Rights Museum

This is the museum online, where you can take a virtual tour (brief descriptions of events and history), learn about the museum, and check out up-coming events and exhibits.

Native American Documents Project

There's a fair amount of information on this site already, though the creators make it very clear they're just scratching the surface. The objective is to catalog and detail the history of US federal government policy towards Native Americans and make it easily accessible.

Native American Indian: Art, Culture, Education, History, Science

This is a collection of over 300 pages on Native American resources. Maps, stories, art, astronomy, herbs, books, schools, nations, and Mayans all have pages of links and information. Especially informative is the Canadian First Nations section of native and Inuit resources.


This site includes a large list of categorized Polish links, information on Polish customs, an address book, a search for information on your surname, and free travel guides.

SouthEast Asian Images & Texts Project

This is a searchable digital archive of historical photographs from southeast Asia. The search is absolutely wonderful: you can search by activity, crop, people (nationality, age, gender, occupation) and place because you can use keywords.

Stamp on Black History

This ThinkQuest site offers biographies of the many Black Americans who have appeared on U.S. postage stamps. There is also information here on stamps and stamp collecting, a quiz, activities, and more.

Thai Students On-Line

This site tries to give you "a clearer insight into what life is like for children in Thailand," complete with a chance to ask questions of Thai students. Theres lots of information, in word and picture, on the countrys language, culture, and economy. This fun site also lets you visit a Thai school and a Thai home, learn about scouting in Thailand, and more.

This Week in American Indian History

This is fascinating history, discussing for each day of the year the Native American happenings from the 16th century to the present. There are also hundreds of Tribe names, with meanings and many with alternate names, and various tribes' names of the moons (months).

WCSU List: World Area Studies Internet Resources

The Western Connecticut State University Department of Social Sciences has put together a large collection of social studies Internet resources, categorized by world area. There are also Worldwide and World Indigenous Peoples categories, and links to WCSU resource lists in other subjects.

Women of Color Resouces

A short, but good, list of resources for women of diverse backgrounds including: Chicanas, Iranians, Hispanics, South-Asians, and African-Americans.