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General Reference

... the longest journey starts with a single step ...

1990 Census Lookup

This resource allows users to look up facts from the 1990 US Census. If the information you need isn't listed, you can e-mail your specific questions.

The 50 States of the United States

Click on any of the 50 US states and get capital cities, state birds and songs, nicknames, and many other facts and links relevant to each state. Each state's flag is pictured and its symbolism described.

A+ Research & Writing

The Internet Public Library provides this valuable and extensive guide to researching and writing a paper, using Web and library sources, "without going totally NUTS!" Available for download free.

Acronym Finder

Search here through 45,000 acronyms about computers, technology, and the US military. Put in the acronym to find out what it stands for or type in a word or concept to bring up its acronym. This site has straightforward, helpful directions, tips, and references to other helpful sites.

Are We There Yet?

With more than 600 places of interest listed, this site offers an "ultimate field trip resource" for New York City and Philadelphia. Information about museums, nature centers, historic sites, farms, aquariums, and zoos is included.

The Argus Clearinghouse

This huge online research resource, with ties to the University of Michigan, can guide you to the information you're looking for on the Web. There are thousands of links, categorized, annotated, and rated.

Bartlett's Familiar Quotations

Yes, it's online and it's searchable by keyword and by author.

CNN Interactive

Up to the minute news is available online from this multimedia news source. The site also includes a keyword search tool for locating news on particular topics. This is the future of news broadcasting: personalized, instantly available access.

CRAYON (CReAte Your Own Newspaper)

Customize your own daily paper with news from hundreds of online sources. The information is organized into 17 different categories, such as Arts & Entertainment, Sports, Funnies, and Business. You may create your paper with or without frames, and the creation of your own paper requires a working e-mail address. Very cool!

The Curmudgeon Quotelist

If Murphy of Murphy's Law had created Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, the results might have been something along these lines.

EarthWatch Weather on Demand

EarthWatch brings you "your weather on your schedule." Click on current weather, storm warnings, or weather headlines, or create a custom satellite or radar image with SkyWatch.

The Electric Library

Give it a question and it will help find an answer: links to magazines(800 full-text), maps, books, newspapers(150 full-text) & newswires, TV & radio transcripts, photos, and major works of art. It's like having your own research library at your finger tips without having to deal with what you need being checked out. This is now a subscription service, but you can get 30 days free trial.

Elements of Style

This well known writer's handbook has been reproduced online and is available as part of Project Bartleby.

Explore the Internet

Created by librarians at the Library of Congress, this online guide organizes material by subject matter. If you need copyright information, BTW, it's here too.

FedWorld Information Network

Brought to you by the National Technical Information Service Technology Administration of the U.S. Department of Commerce, this site has links to technical information databases.

Free Internet Encyclopedia

The Free Internet Encyclopedia is composed of information available on the Internet. The info's divided into two main divisions: MacroReference, which contains large areas of knowledge, and MicroReference, which is smaller sites and information on specific, narrow subjects.

French-English Dictionary

This searchable index, from some of the ARTFL Project folks, contains about 75,000 terms and allows you to input French or English for translation.

Global Campus

This multimedia database contains a variety of educational resources on a number of subjects. The headings are Business, Fine Arts, Engineering, Liberal Arts, Library, and Science.

Grolier Online

Grolier offers mini-units on various subjects with quizzes to allow you to test what you've learned. There are also articles, test subscriptions to encyclopedias, kids' areas, games, products to sample and order, and more.

A Guide to Grammar and Writing

This is a straightforward and exhaustive presentation of English grammar rules and usage examples, followed by computer-graded quizzes and the chance to ask a grammar question. The site also contains writing helps and "grammar goofs." This is an excellent resource.

INFOMINE: Scholarly Internet Resource Collections

Created by The University of California to showcase Internet resources of relevance to university level students and faculty, INFOMINE lets you "Search 11,000+ Academically Valuable Resources." The categories (everything from biology to the arts) are keyword, subject, and title searchable.

InfoSpace - The Ultimate Directory

This is an excellent internet directory for finding people, businesses, and local information. A really useful part is the government section. It allows you to find federal ,state, and county information. You can search for specific offices or find out who your representatives, senators, and governor are. The site also includes shopping sites of all kinds, a sports center, chat, much more.

IntIndex: An Internet Index

Similar to a librarian's "Ready Reference Shelf," this site houses dozens of topics from abbreviations to women's studies, each with links to resources on the web. Whether you're looking for airlines, historic documents, or satellite television, this is a good place to start.

Internet Public Library

The Internet Public Library is a great place to visit. Information is conveniently divided by age groups or research needs. There are interesting hands-on activities for kids, plus an online classroom, an exhibit hall, a reading room with some great tools, and much more.

Librarians' Index to the Internet

Formerly The Berkeley Public Library's Index to the Internet, this is an excellent collection of worthwhile sites, annotated, and categorized.

The Library of Congress

The Library employs multiple search methods to encourage the use of its impressive site and its catalogs as well. The site's feature exhibits tell America's story through documents, photos, movies, and audio. There's an educators' Learning Page and a great Today in History feature in addition to the massive research possibilities.


Is your local library online? Find out by using this online directory of local libraries around the US.

Liszt, the mailing list directory

Search 71,618 mailing lists for the information you need, or browse them by topic.


The folks at LookSmart give you quick access to Web resources in many categories, either by search engine, or through their own system of browsing ever-narrower subcategories leading to annotated links. And you can personalize your own news-magazines-hometown-shopping section.


MediaFinder lists information on 90,000 magazines, newspapers, and other print media. Search by subject and get publication, address, and subscription information on the research sources you need.

Merriam-Webster Online

In addition to an online dictionary, Merriam-Webster brings you an online bookstore and archived transcripts of their two-minute Word for the Wise radio show. Fascinating stuff if you're interested in the English language and its origins.

Net Lingo

This handy online guide containing definitions of hundreds of Internet terms is a great resource for Web users.

OneLook Dictionaries

The Online Dictionary Fast Finder contains over 49 different dictionaries ranging from medical, scientific, sports, religious, and business to computer/Internet resources.


This site features a form-based way to find various reference resources around the Internet--everything from a ZIP code directory to an acronyms dictionary and back. Among the language tools is a new universal translator. These are great tools that save a lot of time, and we all need more of that!

This is a collection of topics and ideas for research papers. The topics index is searchable and there's also a writing center, research center, and chat. This is a great place to start if you're uncomfortable writing research papers or are having trouble finding a place to start.

Roget's Thesaurus

Brought to us once again by The ARTFL Project , Roget's Thesaurus online and keyword searchable.

Royal Canadian Mint

Large and attractive, the Royal Canadian Mint site offers coin information for laymen as well as numismatists. Teachers will find activities for students K-6. Available in English and French.

The Salary Calculator

This is great if you're thinking about moving, but also interesting if you're studying the differences in cost of living across the U.S. and the rest of the world. Input your current residence, destination, and salary, and it will tell you how much you will have to make to move there and keep the same buying power.

The Scout Report

The Internet Scout project at the University of Wisconsin provides here a valuable resource tool "to support effective use of the Internet by educators and researchers in the US." These folks provide Internet announcements updated daily and available in archive, explanations of the best Internet tools, and a KIDS section where K-12 students review sites.

The Smithsonian

Like its real-world counterpart, the Smithsonian Institute Web site features a huge amount of information on an almost infinite variety of topics. An excellent resource, and a neat way to virtually tour this national treasure.

Standard Industrial Classifications (SIC) Index

The complete online listing of all standard industrial classification codes and category descriptions. A great quick reference. Information on CD-ROM or diskette can be purchased, but the Web site is free.

Starting Point

Looking for something specific on the Web? Can't find it here? Well, of course we'd appreciate your letting us know about it...but in the meantime, this tool allows you to search the Web by combining a number of search engines all at once. BTW, if we add a category you suggest, you win a free Web WeaselTM t-shirt.

Stately Knowledge: Facts About the United States

Part of the Internet Public Library, Stately Knowledge is a great place to visit if you need information about any of the United States. Click on individual states for statistical and general information, plus great state information links.

Statistical Abstract of the United States

State and county profiles, state rankings, charts, and more are available on this site.

Tashas List of Links

Tasha Saecker, a Wisconsin librarian, has compiled, categorized, and briefly annotated a great list of useful links in many areas of interest.

TeachPDLaw's Research World

This collection of links was put together by a police officer who teaches several subjects in America Online's Academic Assistance Center. Among the subjects are World History, American History, The Arts, Culture & Society, and Research and Reference.


Current and historical legislative information presented "in the spirit of Thomas Jefferson, a service of the U.S. Congress through its Library."

The University of Michigan-Dearborn Virtual Reference Desk

The cyber-librarian at the University of Michigan-Dearborn is a great guide for helping you find reference material on the Web.

U.S. Census Bureau

This extensive site includes a huge amount of data on the population, population growth estimates, demographics, and educational levels. Interactive Maps and the Population Clock are not to be missed.

U.S. Government Information/Resources

This offering from The Mining Company zeroes in on whats going on in the U.S. government right this minute, as well as what it means and where you can find more information. There are links to 200 U.S. government sites, features with archives, events, chat, and search. An excellent, current resource.

Virtual Reference Collection

A ZIP code directory, dictionaries, encyclopedias, periodic tables, telephone directories, and grant information are just some of the neat resources you'll find online at this site, offered by the University of California-Irvine.

The Virtual Reference Desk

This is an online library with links to a variety of sources (government documents, dictionaries, travel information, science data, phone books, and more) put together here by Purdue University Libraries.

The WWLIA Legal Dictionary

The World Wide Legal Information Association offers laymen's definitions of legal terms, searchable by letter.


Need information on a product or service, or can't dig up your contact name from that company whose products you're interested in? Give Where2Go a name, a product name, even a piece of a URL, and it will attempt to help you track down the information you're looking for. An interesting service, and helpful as well.

Writing a Basic Essay

This is a straightforward presentation of essay writing basics, plus an excellent links collection including writing sources, grammar and study aids, and bibliography resources.