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Interdisciplinary Studies
... the longest journey starts with a single step ...

African Studies Quarterly

This interdisciplinary electronic journal focuses entirely on scholarly writings concerning Africa. The first volume is online with articles examining issues such as Judicial Responses to Genocide and Livelihoods and Security in Africa.

Association for Integrative Studies

This site offers information for Association members and others involved in interdisciplinary programs. Though the site contains very little general content, it's a valuable resource for those in interdisciplinary studies.

The Center for Interdisciplinary Studies of Writing

The Center's mission is to promote "research on questions concerning written language." You can also find the Minnesota Writing Project here along with reviews of web sites for teachers and researchers of writing. The Center's newsletters dating back to 1995 are archived online.

Cohasset Middle/High School Interdisciplinary Units Homepage

Cohasset offers great links to general education resources and to lesson planning sites, as well as to its own award-winning interdisciplinary units.

Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine

This magazine uses an interdisciplinary approach to exploring human communications and interaction in online environments. Articles date back to 1994, giving the site depth, and the discussions give it breadth! An excellent use of hypertext technique allows the user to flow through the site in a very useful and logical manner. Well worth visiting now and every publication time!

Critical Inquiry

Critical Inquiry's online version offers excerpts from articles in the print journal. Those offered here focus on critical thought in the arts and humanities. With archives dating back to Spring 1994, there is plenty to provoke thought and entice one to want to dialogue/debate/read more...

Healthy School Environment

This is a project for an interdisciplinary study involving 7th grade math, science, English, and world cultures classes. Students examine air quality, drinking water quality, radon levels, air flow, and a number of other factors in the course of an eight-week unit. Objectives, procedures, and lesson plans are included in this excellent site.

The Institute for Science and Interdisciplinary Studies

ISIS is a group dedicated to the meshing of science, technology, and social studies, to "reconnecting scientists with communities" in an effort to solve environmental and economic problems. Several interesting projects are detailed onsite.

Interdisciplinary Minor in Global Sustainability

UC Irvine wants to help students understand and deal with the environmental problems we'll all face in the 21st century. In addition to course description, this site offers related current events articles, including the El Nino brewing in the Pacific and the Cassini launch at the time of this review.

Society for Interdisciplinary Studies

SIS is a nonprofit, UK-based group which encourages the discussion of scientific and historical theories about the origins and path of life.

Studying Whales in Middle Schools

SWIMS is an interdisciplinary unit involving 7th grade English, science, math, and world geography students in the study of east coast whales. Interesting encouragement of scientific method and great whale links!