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Advertising Law Internet Site

The legal aspects of marketing, advertising law, consumer protection,

anti-trust, and more are covered in articles on this site.

American Civil Liberties Union

An FTP site featuring the ACLU's online
"reading room." ACLU also has a gopher site.


The Archimedes Institute

So what are the legal issues of outer space? The Archimedes Institute wants "to facilitate the development of sensible and efficient legal standards for the high frontier." This site combines a surprisingly large library of law documents, international agreements, legislation, reports, and aerospace resources with a forum for discussing space law and policy. Interesting.

Canadian Legal Resources

Here you can find Canadian lawyers and lawschools, learn about Canadian laws, or use The Cyberlaw Encyclopedia. This site requires a frames enabled browser.

CLE Central

"Your Connection to Legal Education" offers news, programs, a general store, a speaker's bureau, and more-- all of special interest to the legal community.

Communications Law

Pepper and Corazzini, a Washington law firm, has developed this extensive source of information on communications law, including telecommunications.


An FTP site featuring the constitutions of more than two dozen nations, written in the language of that country. Included are Mexico, Germany, Peru, Japan, Italy, and the US.

Criminal Justice

This is the Criminal Justice section of TeachPDLaw's Research World and contains a good selection of links in such areas as crime, prisons, death penalty, courts, and legal resources.

Department of Justice

Press releases, crime statistics, and a jobs database are a few of the resources available from the US Department of Justice's gopher site.

Environmental Law

Written from a UK perspective, but has important information on environmental law around the world.

Fair Use and Copyright Material

Copyright is an area of law struggling to keep up with the explosion of online technology. Check out the status of various cases, opinions, and more on this valuable resource.

Florida State University Law and Technology Association

This site includes an extensive legal research index for users across the US.

Government And Law

This gopher site, also known as Wiretap, has an extensive catalog of legal information.

Guides to Law Resources on the Internet

Another gopher site with extensive links to online legal resources.

Index Law Library

This site provides an overwhelming number of legal links. Try any of these topics: general legal resources, bar associations, international links, many more.

Internet Legal Resource Guide

An extensive guide of online resources on the law.

JURIST: Law Professors on the Web

This is a large source of law resources and scholarship. There are many law professors' home pages, online articles in a dozen categories, resource pages, a reference desk, faculty lounge, and more.

The Jurweb Project

This comprehensive listing of online legal resources worldwide is sorted by continent and country.

Lll Law Topics by Field

Cornell University has divided law into 18 different categories, and kept dividing from there until they have broken down the law into bite-sized morsels.

Law Guru

This home page of the Law Offices of Eslamboly & Barlavi offers two helpful features. One is questions and answers related to legal areas in which this firm specializes. The other is a search capablity of over 200 legal search engines.

Law Journal Extra

A major resource for legal professionals and law students, with many links to information both on the site and elsewhere on the Web.

Law and Politics Internet Guide

This is a huge resource containing legal resources and gateways, law research and journals, Continuing Legal Education resources, law research and book reviews, student resources, plus judicial/political/government sites. Great selections; many links are annotated.

Law Related Resources on the Internet

This New Zealand-based site does a pretty good job of indexing law resources around the globe.

Law Schools and Libraries

An online directory of law schools around the country, again provided by Indiana University.

Legal List

The first four chapters of The Legal List contain information on conducting internet law research and are available only in print for $49.95 (topic outlines are included here). The remaining seven chapters, however, contain great resource links. In chapter 5, for instance, you'll find online law resources listed by state, while Chapter 11 has international and foreign law resources.

Meta-Index for Legal Research

This straightforward and wonderfully useful site includes searchable legal indexes at both law schools and professional/legal associations. Categories include legislation, regulation, judicial opinions, and people in law. Nice.

A Mock Trial Experience

Read the case file, trial procedures, and other information pertinent to "The Village of Butler v. Jamie Armstrong and Bill Carter." From Temple University and the University of North Carolina at Pembroke, this trial was used for the 1996 Pennsylvania High School Mock Trial Competition.

National Criminal Justice Reference Service

An international network supporting policy makers and criminal justice professionals. This is another gopher site.

The National Law Net

Everything you needed to know about U.S. laws online, and more.

P-LAW Legal Resource Locator

"The purpose of this Web Page is to serve as a starting point for research, be it by attorneys or non-legal professionals, into the myriad disciplines involved in today's increasingly 'legalistic' society."

Project Hermes

Case-Western University's Project Hermes posts the decisions and opinions of the US Supreme Court online, usually within hours of release by the court. This is an ftp site; log in as anonymous and use your e-mail address as the password.


An FTP site with the full text of various laws and the addresses of a large number of online legal resources.

The Rule of Law Online

"Bringing the power of networked information to justice reform in emerging democracies." This site is equipped with a multi-lingual translator.

State of Texas Law Librarian's Page

Primarily focused on Texas law, but has enough information and links to make it useful to others as well.

University of Richmond Pre-Law Handbook

This is straightforward and unsentimental talk about whether you should go to law school, how to get there if you decide to go, and where to find many more resources to aid in your decision.

The U.S. House of Representatives Internet Law Library

This site provides full text searchable copies of the United States Code and the Code of Federal Regulations. It also offers U.S. Federal laws arranged by original published source (i.e. Constitution), U.S. state and territorial law sorted by state, and laws of other nations sorted by nation. Helpful and well organized.

The WWLIA Legal Dictionary

The World Wide Legal Information Association offers laymen's definitions of legal terms, searchable by letter.

WWW Law Firm Index

An online directory of law firms around the U.S.

WWW Virtual Law Library

Indiana University provides search capabilities for law schools, firms, publications, and organizations, as well as legal information by topic.