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Alex: A Catalog of Electronic Texts on the Internet

This catalog contains around 2,000 entries, mostly on gopher servers. Just enter your query and read on. Shakespeare, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and more await.



American Literary Classics

This site offers classic literature works in a chapter-a-day format. If you've gotta read Moby Dick, read it online a chapter a day! Neat!

Association des Bibliophiles Universels

An extensive collection of public domain French literature, in French.

BDD Online

Bantam Doubleday Dell offers visits with their authors, excerpts from books, a Young Readers section complete with Teacher's Resource Center, a Daily Puzzle, and other attractions.

Blue Penny Quarterly

This online literary magazine features hypertext writings, a literary discussion group, and more. It takes great advantage of the Web's technology while providing content that would be compelling in hard copy as well, although the loss of linking would be regrettable.

C S Lewis

Site completely devoted to C. S. Lewis and his works. It includes a daily quote as well as downloadable images and sound clips of Lewis.

The Camelot Project

The main menu lists the members of King Aurthur's Court. Click on them to get a list of texts about them (some are available to read online) and images. It's a really neat site, but be warned: it loads very slowly and you might even get a "too busy" response.

Candlelight Stories

Read a variety of children's stories, look at colorful illustrations, listen to music, and more. And you can have your own story published on Candlelight or display your artwork in the Candlight Gallery.

Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Site

This site is a collection of reviews of children's books and ways to use them in the classroom. You can look them up by title, author, type, or age, and browse them in catagories such as curriculum area, subject, and theme.


This site contains a large collection of works by the Latin poet Catullus, available here in Latin, in English, and (many of them) in Dutch. There are also links to related Greek and Latin sites, briefly annotated.

A Celebration of Women Writers

This is an incredible resource of women authors listed alphabetically. Not all authors have links to more information, but many of them do.

Classic Short Stories

Read a variety of short stories collected by Gary Lindquist, and participate in a short story chat forum.

Columbia University's Bartleby Library

Project Bartleby offers fulltext classics of poetry and prose including works by Keats, Christie, Du Bois, O'Neill, and many more. Bartleby's next big release will be The Oxford Book of English Verse, making them "the definitive poetry site." Includes search tool.

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare

Full text of the Bard's plays, online, with an accompanying dictionary that lets you look up Elizabethan words on-site. View plays either in continuous text or through a series of hypertext links.


An online zine dedicated to "prosaics and poetics for a wired world," this site features poetry and prose.

Digital Dante Project

"Abandon all hope ye who ENTER HERE." So begins the online, multimedia version of Dante's The Divine Comedy, with Italian and English translations, developed at Columbia University as a teaching tool.

Electromagnetic Poetry

While you must be able to use Java to get anything out of this site, it's a delightful implementation if you do. Take individual words on the screen from a large assortment and drag and drop to create your own online poetry. No way to save your work, which is the only real disadvantage we can see. It didn't crash our browser, either.

Elements of Style

This well known writer's handbook has been reproduced online and is available as part of Project Bartleby.

The Encyclopedia Mythica

Are you frightened by the Bogeyman? Wonder what a Yite is? Learn about these and many others on the website of the Encyclopedia Mythica, which offers myths, folklore, and cryptozoology of different cultures, including Chinese, Haitian, Norse, and Welsh.

The Great Books of Western Civilization

Mercer College's Great Books Program is here summarized and each course's required reading listed. There are also links to related fulltext works on the web.

Gullivers Travels by Jonathan Swift

If youre studying Gullivers Travels youre going to love this site! The complete text online has been formatted so that you can click from the text to explanatory footnotes and glossary items. Theres a section with related links and one on the life and times of Swift, in addition to noteworthy quotes, images, more.

Index of /Gopher/Library/Classic

Did you forget that pesky English book at school, or tell Moby to go take a swim? This site can save you... maybe. All the literary greats are here: Virgil's Aeneid, Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales, Shakespeare's Hamlet, Twain's The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, and Cather's O Pioneers! , just to name a few.

Indigenous Peoples Literature

This is a huge collection of material on the cultures of indigenous peoples all over the world. Included are writings, sayings, art, music, myths, prayers, stories, and poetry. The layers of organization are sometimes a bit difficult, but the site has much to offer.


This "writer's resource" lets you search for literary agents, find useful associations, discover workshops and courses, and more.

The Internet Classics Archive

Online archive of almost 400 classical Greek and Roman texts, including Homer's Odyssey andVirgil's Aeneid, in English translation. The site contains a subject search engine or you can browse the author list.

The Internet Wiretap Gopher

A gopher listing of hundreds of complete classic and contemporary literary works. Huge!!!

Jane Austen Information Page

This is an excellent resource and compilation of information about Jane Austen. The biographical text is sprinkled with links to her writings and to other sources.

Literary Kicks

Huge collection of articles, facts, and much more includes the works of Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac.

The Logical World of Etymology

If you know etymology, you can figure out the meaning of almost any word. Learn origins, roots, prefixes, and suffixes. This site adds a great personal touch to the study as well.


This lovely site offers the life stories and the works of 20 sixteenth century English authors, and also has sections for Medieval and seventeenth century authors and works.


Mississippi Review online offers a range of literary articles, reviews, and short stories.

The Modern English Collection at the Electronic Text Center, University of Virginia

Hundreds of hypertext books, available for downloading. Huge resource.

Mythological Booklist

If youre looking for a mythology book or magazine article, this site can help. Title and author of thousands of works are listed here, categorized by area of origin and further by type of myth or character. (And if youre interested in pet ferrets, the author has information and pictures on that subject as well!)

Northridge Review

The Northridge Review, published by California State University at Northridge, is accepting submissions for its Winter issue. Poetry, fiction, non-fiction, essays, and graphic art are all accepted. If you're an aspiring or practicing author, take a look.


This Web-based work of art and literature is "constructed somewhat like a labyrinth wherein works grow over time." A neat presentation of how the Web can provide a new way to experience art, literature, and storytelling.

Online Books

More electronic texts online; a good companion to Project Gutenberg and Project Bartleby.

An Online Literature Library

This collection of online texts is organized by author. It's not a huge number of works, but each title is complete so you must admire the work put into the site.

Outta Rays Head

Looking for some new ideas for teaching literature, writing, or poetry? Check out these interesting lesson plans (130 so far) written by Ray Saitz of Ontario, Canada, or submitted by other teachers. Also contains links and library lessons.

Paris Review

A very cool online version of the widely respected Paris Review...the cyber version focuses, unsurprisingly, on the cyber aspects of literature, and includes interviews (many in audio files) and more.

Project Gutenberg

The goal of this massive project is to make classic works of literature available online. This is an excellent start.

Publisher's Weekly Online

Great information on current publications, authors, publishing houses, and more. This is a great resource for writers, publishers, and those interested in the field. Nicely designed, which is an added bonus considering the great content.

Purdue Online Writing Lab

You don't have to be a student at Purdue (or anywhere) to make great use of this site. Online tutorials walk you through and offer coaching on writing sentences, letters, punctuation, spelling, and more. And don't miss the section that can help you write a resume.

Resources for American Literature

This is a survey course in American Literature. Includes some typical chat-room style non-sequiters, but still an interesting and useful resource.


STELLA (Software for Teaching English Language and Literature) comes from The University of Glasgow and is involved in bringing computer applications into English studies. Among other things, this site offers an On-line Resources section with links to excellent English and Scots language and literature sources.

A Short Course on Shakespeare's Hamlet

Here's your chance to study Shakespeare with a friendly expert. The site includes text, summaries, questions, answers, a forum for discussion, and the author's views on other Shakespeare sites. Well done.

Skeptic's Dictionary

Definitions on anything you might be skeptical about...from chiropractic to Santa Claus to UFOs...and more.

Tales of Wonder

Many full-text fairy and folk tales from countries around the world, plus links to other stories. This is a wonderful spot for young readers.

Thomas Wolfe

Bare bones bibliography and brief information are well presented.

Ultimate Book List and Writer's Page

Ever read a book and then wished you knew of other authors with a similar style? You can find it here...type in the name of an author you like and this site will list similar ones for you. Also available is a comprehensive list of writing manuals and other resources for authors.

The University of Virginia Electronic Text Library

An online collection of texts in many languages, including English (see Modern English Collection above), French, Japanese, Latin, and Hebrew. Site also has links to other library resources at UVa. Note: some items are restricted to UVa student use only.

Victorian Women Writers

Includes complete works in downloadable format. These are big files, so be warned. But, some of these works aren't available most other places.

Voices from the Gaps

This is the home for information about women writers of color in the United States. You'll find biographical and bibliographical information, with images and audio files. Information is organized alphabetically by author, by birth state, and by year of birth. Includes links to relevant sites.

The Web Concordances

This is "the first interactive literary concordance system on the Web." It offers works by Shelley, Keats, and other Romantic poets, with concordances for all poems and workbooks for some. In addition to its considerable literary offering, this site is an excellent place to learn about concordances, how they work, and how they partner with computer technology. (Frames intensive, but well explained.) Great site!


This is a great site for teachers, teens, and other Shakespeare lovers. In addition to the complete works, there's a place to type in a phrase and find its source, a place to discuss Shakespeare or ask a question, and great study guides to help with individual plays.

The Western Canon

The purpose here is "to provide a single location where the Internet community can come and find links to the most important written works of western civilization." Great minds, ideas, and literature are here, arranged by time period, author, or subject. An excellent resource.

What the Thunder Said

This site features a nice search engine for finding T.S. Eliot-related material.

Wired for Books: Community Reconsidered

Listen to or read the discussions of two Ohio University literature professors and their guest scholars as they consider works by Raymond Carver, Zora Neale Hurston, Leo Tolstoy, and Toni Morrison. The theme is "Community Reconsidered" and the site also includes a discussion area, works online, and author resources.


In this funny and very literate site, the author offers you the chance to write poetry (alone or with others), read poetry (hers and the classics), take a poetry trivia quiz (new every month), send a poetry postcard, peruse several interesting collections of annotated links, and much more. We recommend it!


Quite possibly the most unusually named site in our entire collection, this is a literature and poetry 'zine designed to make literature available worldwide via the Web. Created by writers around the world.

The Zuzus Petals Literary Resource

Zuzus Petals offers 3500 Web resources categorized for writers, artists, performers, and other creative folks. In addition to this excellent collection, the site has a discussion section, arts news, and current and past issues of the award winning literary magazine, Zuzus Petals Quarterly.