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A straight-text biography of this well known philosopher.

Aesthetics On-Line

This site offers articles about philosophy and the arts. You will find information about aesthetics events worldwide and links to other pertinent sites.

The American Philosophical Association

The American Philosophical Association offers lots of information online for their members and other visitors. You will find Association information, available publications, current opportunities for philosophers, and resources.

American Society for Aesthetics

This is the online home of the American Society for Aesthetics. Association information is available, as well as articles, papers, and links to related sites.


Here you will find up-to-date information about the philosophy journal Analysis. There is an e-supplement online which makes available forthcoming articles from the print journal. You can also access back issues of Analysis and subscribe online.

Ancient Philosophy Home Page

The purposes of this web site are to offer communication among scholars who study ancient Greek philosophy and to provide links to related Internet resources.


This page is full of links to sites pertaining to Aristotle's background, as well as gopher sites with ASCII text of documents written by Aristotle.

Aristotle et al.

Biographies and selected readings of a wide range of philosophers, placed online by Notre Dame University's Jacques Maritain Center.

The Big Dummy's Guide to Theology, Philosophy, and Ethics

This is the online version of this "Starter Course for Technoids," the beauty of which for the layman is that it's written in conversational English. Don't miss "Theology--The Seven Deadly Arguments."

Bjorn's Guide to Philosophy

This wonderfully well organized site offers a discussion area and links to philosophy journals with Internet sites. There is also a magnificent set of links to philosophy departments' web sites. Well worth the visit and, if you have a real interest in philosophy, the bookmark.

Center for Utopian Studies

Presented here is an exploration of utopia and dystopia in art, literature, and history. This topic is brought to the present with a look at several current projects such as Disney's "Celebration of Small-town America on the Edge of the Twenty-first Century."

Classics of Philosophy

Selected works of a number of philosophers, with interpretations.


This "multi-lingual web site of Confucius Publishing" provides the works of Confucius and biographical information about him in sixteen languages.

Dialogues of Plato

This site houses 24 translated Dialogues of Plato.

Episteme Links

This is a huge resource of philosophy links, searchable by philosopher and by topic. The author also offers three free newsletters by e-mail, a discount bookstore, used book exchange, and more.

Ethics Updates

Exploring the areas of Ethical Theory and Applied Ethics, this impressive site offers categorized links to Internet resources, discussion of ethics papers in progress, tips on using the Web in teaching and research, much more.

Great Thinkers and Visionaries

The author gives you easy access to the works, biography, and web resources of more than 40 thinkers, including Einstein, Da Vinci, Hawking, Rand, and McLuhan.

Guide to Philosophy on the Internet

When the author says he's put together "the most comprehensive collection of philosphy resources on the internet," we would not be inclined to argue. He has links to philosophy guides in a dozen languages, and guides are just the first of 14 categories. Many links are annotated; the best show red stars. Excellent resource.

The Internet Classics Archive

English translations of almost 400 Greek and Roman texts are collected here. You can read Aristotle, Virgil, Hippocrates, and many others, comment on the works, and submit answers to a classics trivia question. There's also an annotated link list of other classics sources.

Nietzsche Information

This page has a biography, bibliography, and various quotes. And, if you look around, you'll find that Thus Spoke Zarathustra is included for your reading pleasure.

Philosopher All-Stars

A somewhat whimsical approach to the great philosophers; this site follows a baseball card metaphor, complete with statistics and well known quotes from each featured "star."

Philosopher's Gallery

Portraits of the philosophers are archived on this site.


This brief biography provides the basics as well as some links to references and other web sites focusing on Plato.

Sculpture Garden

Looking for some examples of great Greek sculptures, ceramic work, or architecture? Then this site is for you. It's got thumbnail images which may be clicked up to display full color pictures. Nice.

Sean's One Stop Philosophy Shop

Sean is trying to create "the ultimate philosophy link list," and invites you to send him any worthy additions. This is a significant source already, presented in a chatty style.

The Stanford Electronic Humanities Review

Modern philosophy and essays on a wide range of humanities-related topics. There's a lot of meat to this site.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy Table of Contents

Each entry here is added and kept up to date by an expert or group of experts in that field. The goal is that it will never be out of date. There are a lot of entries that are unavailable because they are not completed yet, but there are numerous subjects being added.

The Study Place

Containing critiques and commentary on both modern and ancient philosophy, this is considered one of the best sites on the Web for students of philosophy.

Thomas Aquinas

Here you will find a nice one page biography of Thomas Aquinas. In addition, there are lots of links to other influential authors and texts throughout history.

WWW Virtual Library: Philosophy

A guide with many links to philosophy resources on the Net.

The Western Canon

The purpose here is "to provide a single location where the Internet community can come and find links to the most important written works of western civilization." Great minds, ideas, and literature are here, arranged by time period, author, or subject. An excellent resource.

Women in Philosophy

This online database contains over 13,000 records representing the work of more than 4,200 women. The bibliographies include works by women in aesthetics, epistemology, ethics, logic, metaphysics, history of philosophy, and other subjects.

Works of Aristotle

This site houses 15 translated works of Aristotle.