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Government and Political Science
... the longest journey starts with a single step ...


American Planning Association

Here you can learn all about the services that the American Planning Association offers its members, read through abstracts from the APA's many publications, and stay current on conferences, educational opportunities, and planning issues.


Amnesty International

Information on the well known human rights organization, including a form for signing up, information on principles and mission, and the annual report, as well as frequently updated information on Amnesty International's current projects and causes.

Berksnet World Affairs Council

This page covers international policy on world trade issues.

Boston Review

Interesting and sometimes provocative articles and commentary on politics and political science. There's a lot of thought-provoking content here, including searchable archives of back issues.

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco,and Firearms (ATF)

At the homepage of The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, choose between a full graphics or a text-only version. In order to fully enjoy either, you will need a browser that is table enabled. (As of this writing, this site is in need of an update.)


An unofficial site with links to all congressional members who have e-mail, information about houses of Congress, and maps of the Capitol city.

Center for the American Woman and Politics

CAWP offers information and research regarding the promotion of "greater understanding and knowledge about women's relationship to politics and government." You can explore current center publications, consider press releases, and read newsletters.

Center for Civic Education

The Center is nonprofit, nonpartisan, and interested in developing active, responsible citizens committed to democratic ideals, in the US and abroad. The site offers descriptions of the programs offered, sample lesson plans, a civic education research area, links to similar organizations, and more.

Center for International Policy

This site advocates the democratic approach to foreign policy for the US. Interesting viewpoint with good information.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

At the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's home page you can find information on courses they offer or their latest publications. If you're planing a trip outside of the US, be sure to take a look at their Traveler's Health page. This site is also available in a text-only version.

Central Intelligence Agency

Information about the US's intelligence agency, with Quicktime videos, tours, maps, and more.

Citizen Resources On the Web

C.R.O.W. encourages interactive access to government agencies, from requests for street repairs to federal forms access online. This site offers links to virtually all U.S. government agencies, places for local and county government information, and many related sources.

City and County Data Books

Electronic versions of the City and County Data Books from 1994 are available on this site. The books include everything from local voting patterns to population distribution.

Commodity Flow Survey

The U.S. Census Bureau provides information here on commodity flows within the United States. Viewing, downloading, search available. Feedback encouraged.


An FTP site featuring the constitutions of more than two dozen nations, written in the language of that country. Included are Mexico, Germany, Peru, Japan, Italy, and the US.

The Daily Muse

A more light-hearted look at politics, with witty commentary and humor throughout.

Daily Washington File

This great resource features the most recent official government texts, policy statements, and articles prepared by the U.S. Information Agency. They're usually updated within 48 hours of any changes and are available in several languages, including Spanish, Arabic, French, and Russian.


Produced by the Department of Defense and Defense Technical Information Center, this site includes press releases and other public documents about the US Defense Department.

Democracy Place USA

This site's designed to keep the public informed about the electoral process and how media and journalism interact and impact the process. Poll results and other interesting and informative material are featured as well...and don't miss the online voter guides!

Department of Health and Human Services

At the Department of Health and Human Services' web site, you can discover all the ins and outs of the HHS or even meet Secretary Shalala. This site is available in graphics or text-only versions.

Department of Housing and Urban Development

The Department of Housing and Urban Development's web site covers everything concerning the purchase of a house and the laws that govern the real estate market.

Department of Labor

Deals with issues relating to workplace safety and health, pension and benefit plans, employment, and other issues related to the American workplace.

Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration

Unemployment, labor market information, O*Net (which replaced the Dictionary of Occupational Titles) and more.

Department of State

The workings of the department responsible for implementing the President's foreign policies.

Department of the Treasury

Read about how the Department of the Treasury serves as the financial agent of the United States Government, formulating economic and tax policies, enforcing the law, and manufacturing currency.

Department of Veterans Affairs

"To care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow and his orphan..." The Department of Veterans Affairs has taken pains to prepare a response to almost any dilemma a vet may come across. If you're a Woman Vet, check out the section on VA Programs for Women Veterans.

The Dissertation Den

An educational information source on political science issues, with links. Nice job.

Electronic Policy Network

Economics and Politics, Welfare and Families, Civic Participation, and Health Policy are the four major categories covered in-depth on this site. There's a definite viewpoint here, so keep that in mind as you peruse the extensive database of articles and commentary.

The Embassy Page

Here the embassies located in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and elsewhere are listed with their links

E-Mail Address Directory: US Government

Here are e-mail addresses of the President, Vice President, and all of Congress.


This is great site that contains news about elections, voting, and politics. It's "for people in the United States and around the world who view politics as the great game that it is" and completely non-partisan.


This online zine is a great source of news and information on politics, media, technology, and the arts.

Federal Aviation Administration

BIG site dedicated to air safety, commerce, and air traffic.

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Contains history, current investigations, employement information, and the " Most Wanted List". And no, you can't e-mail Mulder and Scully here.

Federal Highway Administration

The FHWA site has information on transportation publications, legislation, internal organization, field offices, and training, as well as links to related sites.

Federal Web Locator

Looking for the Web site of a particular government agency? Here's the place to find it.


Daily coverage of congressional activities featured with Real Audio technology. This site also includes a schedule of the day's events and an extensive archive of past coverage. Note that Real Audio is pretty important for optimum use of this site.

FedWorld Information Network

FedWorld offers a huge amount of information from federal agencies. You can FTP into their server for government information, documents, or files, or telnet into their server to access online ordering services and federal job information. This is a great starting point if you are looking for information from the federal government!

The First Ladies of the United States of America

The biographies presented here offer you glimpses into the lives of these women. The information is supplemented with pictures of the First Ladies and links to biographies of their husbands.

Freedom Forum

This online guide to the first amendment supports freedom of the press, freedom of expression, and freedom of speech. A simple-to-understand interface makes this a great source of information for all ages.

Friends and Partners

Friends and Partners is a joint venture of US and Russian citizens with the goal of cultural understanding. This site, available in English and Russian, provides links in many categories such as history, art, education, and health. You many also link from here to new Friends and Partners sites focusing on China and Romania.

GPO Gate

Many Government Printing Office documents presented online in full text, including the Congressional Record and US Senate and House calendars.

Government House, Residence of the Governor General

The office of Governor General of Canada described in word and picture.

Government Information Technology Services

This web site focuses on the idea that reengineering the government will make its "services more accessible, more efficient and easier to use."

Human Rights

Information on a number of human rights groups, including Amnesty International and Physicians for Human Rights.


Extensive information on the European Union, parliament, General XIII, and more.

International City/County Management Association

ICMA provides training programs and publications for local government professionals. They also serve "as a clearinghouse for the collection, analysis, and dissemination of local government information," and this site is one of their vehicles.

Law and Politics Internet Guide

This is a huge resource containing legal resources and gateways, law research and journals, Continuing Legal Education resources, law research and book reviews, student resources, plus judicial/political/government sites. Great selections; many links are annotated.

League of Women Voters

Focusing on informing citizens, this web site provides educational information as well as a call for active participation in government and the shaping of public policy. Lots of information as well as links to local chapters' web sites.

The Library of Congress

This site provides access to the U.S. Copyright Office as well as access to over 70 million documents. Search engines are provided for the five most important sections: American Memory, Thomas: Legislative Information, Exhibitions, Library Services, and Research Tools. Feel free to ooh and aah over the images, stories, and sounds that you find -- there is no librarian on duty!

Local Government Institute

Housed here is information regarding government jobs, publications, and software. You'll also find information about LGI's services, which include executive search, consulting, and personnel assistance.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

This site provides great information on safety; you can check out the results of the NHTSA's crash tests on many makes and models. Planning a trip is also included in this site.

National Institute for Literacy

The National Institute for Literacy tries to implement the National Literacy Act by creating a system to encourage adult literacy and provide training for it.

National Institute of Standards and Technology

An agent of the U.S. Department of Commerce, the NIST is "working with industry to develop and apply technology, measurements, and standards." NIST provides answers to frequently asked questions and two search engines. This is a worthwhile site for those who are interested in science.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

The NOAA's goal is to promote global environmental stewardship in order to conserve and wisely manage the nation's marine and coastal resources.

National Park Service

Through the National Park Service's ParkNet take a virtual tour through the U.S. national parks. Get a real feel for them through Links to the Past, Park Smart, Info Zone, and Nature Net. If you've got a question, try their "Ask a Ranger". Full enjoyment of this site requires a table enabled browser

The Naval Research Laboratory

The Navy's Department of Research available online

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

The U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration web site. Discover several of your rights as a worker or employer in the U.S.

Parliamentary Internet

Available in English or French, this is "your key to Canadian parliamentary information on the Internet." You can take a virtual tour, read about the history and activities of parliament, or find the information you'll want to plan a real visit. Frequently asked questions, gopher, senator, and member information.


If you're looking for information on the US Presidency (including multimedia files such as images and audio clips), this is a great online resource from the University of North Carolina.

Project FIDIO: Forum for International Discussion of Issues On-line

This very professional looking site was developed by a group of high school students to provide a place for young people to express their opinions on topics of global importance. Still in its infancy, the site already provides articles, some submitted by readers and others reprinted from other sources, in such areas as Science and Technology and the Environment.

Project Vote Smart

This site offers voters factual information on candidates and elected officials. One really neat feature is a capability to search for your representatives by your zip code...this takes you to specific information about the representative, such as his/her voting record. Interesting!

Smart Growth Network

The Smart Growth Network is an organization of government, business, and civic leaders who are interested in environmentally, economically, and socially "smart" cities. Become a member, read up-to-date articles relevant to public administration, and find out about upcoming events. You'll probably bookmark this site and come back often.

Social Security Online

This is the US Social Security Administration's official web site. If you're seeking answers, you can find them in their Frequently Asked Questions section or try their search engine, courtesy of Excite. Facts, forms, history, laws, and more are available here, in both English and Spanish.


The complete text of all bills pending before Congress as well as background information. Part of the effort to make government more accessible to the general public.

The United Nations

A virtual tour is one of many highlights on this site, which summarizes General Assembly activities, news releases, and more.

The US Agency of International Development

Come see the humanitarian side of the US government. Learn about the US's hand in the democratic development of other nations such as Russia, South Africa, and Zambia.

US Bureau of Labor Statistics

This is a great resource for labor market and economic analysis, as well as human resources development planning.

The US Census Bureau

This extensive site includes a huge amount of data on the population, population growth estimates, demographics, and educational levels. Interactive Maps and the Population Clock are not to be missed.

US Department of Commerce

Its broad range of responsibilities includes expanding U.S. exports, developing innovative technologies, gathering and disseminating statistical data, measuring economic growth, granting patents, promoting minority entrepreneurship, predicting the weather, and monitoring stewardship.

The US Department of Education

Follow the simple outline through the US Department of Education's web page. They provide copies of their latest publications, such as The Student Guide to Financial Aid. Also the Pick o' the Month page is worth a visit.

The US Department of Justice

Keep track of America's Ten Most Wanted list and e-mail tips directly to the can also access information on DOJ agencies, including the FBI, the DEA, and the INS.

The US Department of Transportation

The Department of Transportation serves as the focal point in the Federal Government for the coordinated national Transportation Policy. It is responsible for transportation safety improvements and enforcement, international transportation agreements, and the continuity of transportation services in the public interest. Site includes links to various states' transportation departments as well as federal transportation information.

US Fish and Wildlife Service

The mission of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is to conserve, protect, and enhance fish and wildlife and their habitats for the continuing benefit of the American people.

US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

The FDA gives a clear view of its recent activities in many categories such as human drugs, animal drugs, medical devices, children and tobacco, and more. You can check out answers to consumers' frequent inquiries on subjects from aromatherapy to thigh creams in the cosmetics category alone!

U.S. Government Info/Resources

This offering from The Mining Company zeroes in on whats going on in the U.S. government right this minute, as well as what it means and where you can find more information. There are links to 200 U.S. government sites, features with archives, events, chat, and search. An excellent, current resource.

The US House of Representatives

Links to members of the House with e-mail addresses.

US Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Primary mission at the NRC is to ensure that public health and safety are protected in the many different peaceful uses of nuclear energy.

The US Patent and Trademarks Office

An online guide to patents and trademarks, as well as information on how to register a trademark or patent.

The US Senate

As with the House of Representatives site, this site links to the e-mail addresses of US Senators with online access.

Vote Smart Web

Large collection of information on candidates and elected officials with state by state sections.

Welcome to the White House

This is an attractive and informative site featuring portraits and information on past and present presidents, a White House tour, government information, much more. A great place to go with your kids.