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711.NET Christian Internet Assistance

This is a search engine of Christian websites. It's not internet-wide, having only submitted or added sites, but is still pretty comprehensive. Searches can be for names, categories, and members. Lots of information on ministries and books.

American Religion Links

If you're looking for information on the religions of America, this is a great place to start. There are links to dozens of key figure biographies, sites dealing with religious issues, and denominational sites. This is also home to The American Religious Experience Project and the coming Journal of Southern Religion.

The Bahá'í World

This is a faith that's been around over 100 years and teaches abandonment of all forms of prejudice, equality between men and women, elimination of economic extremes, and unity of the world. You can learn more about it at this attractive site, in English, French, or Spanish.

The Bible Browser

Here you can look up any passage of the Bible, searching by word or word part, in different versions, and by corpus. The Bible Browser Users' Guide is a very helpful part of this informative site.

The Big Dummy's Guide to Theology, Philosophy, and Ethics

This is the online version of this "Starter Course for Technoids," the beauty of which for the layman is that it's written in conversational English. Don't miss "Theology--The Seven Deadly Arguments."

B'nai B'rith Youth Organization

This is a program that teaches leadership and encourages the study of Israel in the Jewish community.

The CatholicMobile

This "collection of 86 pages with over 3,600 links" presents all things Roman Catholic and more. Including categories such as liturgy, justice, morality, and spirituality, and dozens of subcategories like church history, art, women and justice, ecumenism, and popular devotions, this is a monumental work.

Chabad-Lubavitch in Cyberspace

Looking for information on Judaism? This is a great resource; ask the rabbi your questions and have your answers posted on the site. Also read opinions from different regions of the world and request blessings online. Interactive, fun, and informative.

Cushwa Center for the Study of American Catholicism

The Cushwa Center, at the University of Notre Dame, "is recognized throughout the nation as the leading center for the historical study of Roman Catholicism in the United States." This site details the research and publishing work of the center and shares some of its findings.


The Episcopal Society for Ministry on Aging has worked for more than 30 years to serve the needs of older persons and to help them use their gifts. This site offers wonderful groups of links helpful to older adults, including Episcopalian resources.

Global Christian Network

This page includes information about and links to many Christian resources on the Net. An excellent guide. Also includes information on issues the Christian community is dealing with on a daily basis. Nice job.

Hebrew Union College - Jewish Institute of Religion

The most interesting aspect of this site is the Dalsheimer Rare Book Exhibit, under Libraries. Combined, the four Hebrew Union campuses have a library collection of nearly 700,000 volumes of Judaica and Hebraica. Parts of about 30 items have been digitized for viewing. This greatly increases their availability while protecting what in many cases are rare and fragile manuscripts.

Hinduism Today

An excellent online resource, with background information on Hinduism and its beliefs, basic tenets, and history. It's a very straightforward site without a lot of embellishment, but it's very enlightening and informative.

In Christ Ministries

A good Christianity-focused site, with online Bible study and opinions, weekly sermons and essays posted by ministers, and testimonies. Lots of links to other Christianity-related sites as well.

Islamic Gateway

This site provides a comprehensive "Introduction to Islam" where you can choose from a number of topics. There are also links to many other Islamic resources.

Jainism: Principles, Traditions and Practices

This site is Awesome!!!! For just about everything you ever wanted to know about Jainism, this site has a link. It is a must for anyone researching the Jain religion! In order to view it, your browser must be table enabled.

Mr. D.'s Notes on Theology

Commentary on various aspects of theology. An interesting and thought-provoking site.

New Advent Catholic Supersite

Great place for research! There is an alphabetical index of everything Catholic, and each entry (1,795!) has a page with information.

On the Edge Theology

This site features a number of links to other theology sites and a good deal of information...with an attitude.

OneLook Dictionaries

The Online Dictionary Fast Finder contains over 49 different dictionaries ranging from medical, scientific, sports, religious, and business to computer/internet resources.

Ontario Consultants On Religious Tolerance

This is a great site to explore other religions without bias. Sixty-two major religions and ethical systems are listed with descriptions. Other sections include news, spiritual topics, and links.

Our Lady of Fatima

This site chronicles the legend of the Virgin Mary's appearance at Fatima in 1917. A virtual tour of the area and an option to petition the Pope are also available on this site.

Quakers-Society of Friends

Good starter page for information about the Quakers' history, organization, doctrine, and other links. It's not overloaded with lots of specifics or complicated debate.

Resources for the Study of Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism

This is a good place to start if you're doing a paper on any of these three or just need information. It has links to online texts, scholarly Buddhist resources, and scholarly web resources.

The San Ramon 1st Ward

This churchs page offers a good collection of resources for those interested in learning more about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons). There are links to history and belief information, church schools, family and community resources, and more, as well as local church information.

Scrolls from the Dead Sea

This site summarizes the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit at the Library of Congress, Washington, DC. There's fascinating reading here about the scrolls, the people who hid them, their discovery nearly 2000 years later, and the difficulties and controversies of scroll research.

The Song Celestial or Bhagavad-Gita

This is the entire Bhagavad-Gita in English as translated by Sir Edwin Arnold.

Summa Theologica of Saint Thomas Aquinas

The Summa Theologica is here in its entirety. It is broken down to the three parts and the supplement, with each set of questions and responses grouped. It is set up well and is geared for the instruction of beginners.

Tariqs Islam Page

Theres great background information here on the religion of Islam, including current statistics, important practices, and a comprehensive history in capsule form. Theres a section on the Islamic year, plus collections of Islamic links and photographs.

Witches' League

A well-organized and informative site about witches and their beliefs. The "Do's and Don't's" page is especially good at dispelling popular myths about witchcraft.

Young Jains of America

Jainism is a Hindu religion similar in some ways to Buddhism. There's a lot of information about beliefs and tenets here, as well as links to other sites and Asian Studies resources.

Yuri Koszarycz's Home Page

Mr. Koszarycz, university religion lecturer, offers a wonderful resource on the history of the Christian Church. Also included: Christian Ethics, Laughter & Religion, Jesus in Australian Art, and more.